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27 // 07 // 2016
London, UK

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Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil

 Their artistic practice takes the corporeal mimesis to the eXtreme, in a specific space and in a given environment, exploring alternative sensitivities that challenge the historical chronologies imposed while suppressing the male/female dichotomy. Their point of union, as vanishing point, is a constant pulsation where the plural presence of the body, the border destruction, and the decolonisation of the mind-body is an act of rebellion and subversion.

De-borderise the imposition of the ‘I’. The activation of disOrder. To connect with the OtherOneSelf by peeling-off the ego. De-serialize, deface, to crack the mirror of the soul. To become the shattering of Otherness and to resist the suffocation of the matter of Capital.